Lake Engineering Solutions and Cortec work together to create technical solutions to stop corrosion.

Lake Engineering Solutions offers turnkey services with Lake’s corrosion survey report pinpointing corrosion locations, selecting products and documenting corrosion control procedures. Lake will apply the solution or will supervise site activities. Lake’s corrosion training courses address practical solutions to corrosion for industrial processes, plant and infrastructure. Our team of Corrosion and Preservation Engineers have experience across many industries and we provide practical and economic solutions for a wide range of corrosion and related problems. 

Corrosion happens. Halt corrosion by treating the route cause with the correct product choice under supervised application. Lake has experience from practical installations in different ambient conditions important to you. Cortec’s corrosion-stopping-knowledge-network accessed and applied by Lake Engineering Solutions, is your essential resource.   

Cost control is a key benefit. Water-based VpCl®s are more economical than conventional oil-based rust preventives. Efficient application results in labour savings. Improved health, safety and pollution control. No need to remove VpCI® protection prior to use, eliminating extra processing steps. VpCI® treatments virtually eliminate economic loss due to rust, speckling, staining and other forms of corrosion. Eliminate claims and returns while improving the quality of your product. As a result, your processing becomes more streamlined, allowing for more efficient operation.

Cortec is the best-in-class leader for engineered solutions to corrosion. The practical, on-site knowledge of the conditions leading to corrosion of metal substrates in all applications and ambient conditions is simply astounding.

Environmental sustainability is Cortec. Customers of Cortec are global and local Corporations, OEM’s, Government Departments and SME’s all with the same problem to solve. Lake Engineering Solutions is committed to providing cost effective service designed to ensure our customers receive the correct products, technologies and applications the first time, every time.