If corrosion is an issue. No matter the size – large or small. The asset value is £multi-million or pennies. Whether the process is complex or not. The market and application could be listed below.  Whatever the corrosion problem. Contact Lake Engineering Solutions for a trustworthy, professional and prompt service.

Automotive and OEM – engines, spare parts, tools, short- and long-term, Integrated Packaging Solutions

Chemical Industry - solving complex corrosion issues in process pipework, valves and vessels

Constructionbridges, commercial, quays, foundations, slabs, car parks, decks

Defence – aircraft, helicopters, ships, landing craft, tanks, vehicles, arms, ordinance, tools, electrical control units

Energy Generation – electricity power installations running on coal or gas, water side and gas side protection, power trains, wind turbines, solar power, electrical control units

Export Packing – single and multi-metal parts

Manufacturing – metal parts, metal working, water based corrosion inhibitors, dip tanks

Mothballing and Preservation – providing materials and expertise to design preservation solutions using VpCI® technology

Oil & Gas – Protection of high value assets during mothball and lay-up, cold and warm stacking, protection of process pipework pump stations, pipes, under insulation corrosion protection, storage tanks, refineries, electrical units, spare parts, Asset Life Extension and protection during decommissioning 

Marine – new-build, shutdown or operation protect a wide range of vessels and equipment on board, ranging from ballast tank protection, cranes, pipework, hydraulic and lube systems and electrical enclosures

Refining & Petrochemical – solving complex corrosion issues in process pipework, valves, vessels and skid units

Steel – coil and coil converting, in process, zero clean-up, environmentally superior solutions

Transport – electrical units, railway carriages, shafts, ship preservation, sol bars, spare parts, track side, wheel units

Water Treatment – boiler water, open loop, closed loop, drinking water, hyrdotesting, brine additives, seasonal lay-up