Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitors, VpCIŽ

Cortec products apply VpCIŽ chemistry at the metal surface to disrupt the rate of corrosion, slowing the onset by months, years or decades. Engineers monitor reduced corrosion potentials when VpCIŽ technology is applied. A key benefit of Cortec is the wide choice of carrier systems for the VpCI chemistry.  Robust, high specification VpCIŽ carriers of consistent quality are liquids, films, papers, powders, cartridges and these are increasingly water based and naturally occurring materials with little or no environmental impact during and after use.

VpCIŽ Animation
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The combinations of VpCIŽ chemistry and carrier enable the ultimate corrosion control solution for your specific application. Easy to use following instruction and supervision. Contact us.

Cortec Manufacturing is a sign of consistent specification and high quality. Cortec Laboratories regularly design and tailor new products for specific applications leading the way in high performance, cost effective corrosion protection. Lake Engineering Solutions creates solutions to your specific corrosion problem.

An important range of Application Case Histories relevant to your application are available. Contact us.